20. 02. 2023

What´s new in Ventily software, version

For complete installation use archive For update of versions older than it is first necessary to uninstall existing version and then to install new version. For versions and later, update is carried out automatically.

What´s new:

  • OEM pneumatic actuators LDM, types 250, 400 and 630 have been added to the range of actuators for valves RV/UV 2xx, 3xx and CV/SV 2xx, 3xx
  • Added the function for calculating control forces of pneumatic actuators necessary for accurate sizing of Globe valves UV 926 P
  • Added flanged connection for RV/UV 3xx PN 16 and PN 40, included their options Ex, SP, SPEx, Ox. With that have been revised dimmensional drawings to .pdf format also