07. 04. 2021

What´s new in Ventily software, version

The new installation set of the software Ventily for the first installation is available in the file It is necessary to uninstall the original version before you install the new version. Updates from the version are carried out automatically.

What´s new:

  • Shut-off valves UV 2x6, UV 2x7 supplemented with the option with PTFE packing (GORE DP)
  • Updates of links to new catalogue sheets
  • Shut-off valves UV 926 P also available with pneumatic actuators A.Hock
  • Pneumatic actuators Flowserve - extension of the type number with temperature option S/L
  • E/P positioner SRD998 (Foxboro) supplemented with the option with feedback signal 4-20 mA
  • Modification of Regada electric actuators specification with position regulator because of IP protection increase